Realtors...Earn Money With Us

We partner with Realtors for a mutually beneficial business relationship

Your client will remain your client.

If your referred client ever decides to buy or sell, they are referred back to you for the sale or listing.

We don't compete with Realtors

RentPro Management does not list or sell properties and will let you know when the owner you referred to us is ready to sell or the tenant is ready to purchase.


A+++ Quick response and communication for you and your client.

We promise to provide you and your client with a quick response.

We fully understand the sense of urgency when communicating with your client.

  • We will contact the referral within 4 business hours. After the initial contact we will contact you to provide you with an initial update.
  • Once the referral decides to rent with us or list their property with us we will provide an additional update. We will also let you know if we were unable to help the client in any way.
  • After a successful transaction is completed we will provide a final update the 
realtor referrals

Get paid for your referrals

We pay you commissions for executed leases and property management referrals.

Start getting paid for the work that you already doing for your clients.

The following are Referral Fees paid to Realtors for successful Referrals:

  • Owner Referral for Property
  • Owner Referral for Tenant 
  • Renter Referral

Referral Fees are negotiated between the rental agent and referring agent. Referral checks will mailed no later than 25 days after the beginning of the lease to the Broker.

Realtor referral program to help grow your business.

We help Realtors SELL MORE real estate.

We can add value to a Realtor’s business in a large number of ways whether working with renters, buyers, or property owners.

Find out how many Realtors are growing their sales business.

We will help your clients feel at ease with our superior customer service. If you would like to find out more about developing a working relationship to further enhance your sales business, give us a call or fill out the form below.  Our strategies offer options Realtors can use to generate referrals, capture clients or enhance their value or service to their clients.  

Complete the referral form at the top of the page or call us 941-361-9028

 Rentpro Management pays a referral fee for the following: Referral of new owner for leasing/property management where we secure a management contact and place a qualified tenant in the property. Note: All referral fees are paid within 30 days of a tenant being successfully placed in the property and RentPro Management has collected the appropriate leasing commission. The referral fee will be determined by the Rentpro agent and referring agent and will be paid to the Broker of record and real estate company listed below.



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